6 Reasons I’m Voting Bryce Morgan For Burley City Council

It’s election day. That’s right… the day you get to choose our local leaders. With that in mind let me tell you why I am going to be voting for Bryce Morgan to be one of the Burley City Councilmen.

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1. He’s not Mr. Personality

What I mean by that is he won’t put his personality and voting before the needs of the city. We have had and continue to have issues with that on the Burley City Council.

2. He supports collaboration between County and City

Look no further that the recent move that almost gave Burley their own police force. That would have sucked. Bad. We would have found that it cost the city more and we would have become a training grounds for new deputies until they could find a better job. Also, we would continue to have struggles with the fringe areas in the community and would have needed to ultimately collaborate together anyways. Personality and power hungry motives almost broke a good thing for Burley. I know Bryce and he doesn’t play that way.

3. He “gets” money

Lots of it…. in his bank account. Just kidding. He has an accounting degree and an MBA and has personally been a financial analyst for 2 of my companies for years. He has done the same for one of the bigger trucking operations in the Mini Cassia area.

4. He’s Young

It’s not that I have something against the aged… It’s just that Bryce has a young family that is involved in the parks, the swimming pool, the library, and other local events for the youth and see’s how they work. He also knows that the future of Burley will effect whether his kids can move back to this area for jobs when they are older and will have a much longer term vision for the area.

5. He’s Pro Growth

I can’t share too much of what I know in this area about the current City Council but some have negatively represented our city to companies looking to relocate here and it has cost us revenue and jobs. Thats the bottom line. Burley can’t stay the same while the world changes around us. We need people who realize this and won’t be a road block to new libraries, annexation, businesses, and recreation that will make our area attractive to potential employees and businesses looking for “a great place to live”.

6. He’s In For The Long Haul 

He plans on serving the area for many years. He has the energy and balance to do so. We need someone who isn’t looking for city retirement or insurance perks on the council. We need someone who is running to make a difference and will put in the time to do so and he will.


Burley needs to make some changes to position for the future. I want to stay here. I want to see downtown beautification. I want to see Burley make decisions that will matter 20 years from now and not just the next few years. I believe that Bryce Morgan can help to accomplish those things.

So, remember to go vote TODAY.

To find out where you need to vote call this number  (Cassia County: 208-878-4298)


Mike Ramsey

Local Resident and Business Owner